Jesus has Forgiven Me. Why can’t You?

Short story (fiction) — The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

The Four Gardens of Fate

Short story (fiction) — Apex Magazine

Sarah Clark

Short story (fiction) — Eurynome

Zilpha Murrell and the Third Harpe’s Head

Short story (fiction) — Beyond Borderlands

“Beyond, Behind, Below”

Short story (fiction) — Betwixt


Short story (fiction) — Apex Magazine


Short story (fiction) — Qarrtsiluni

“How Will You Meet People If You Never Leave The House?”

Short story (fiction)

A City of Ghosts

(fiction) In tales that range from spine-tingling to heartbreaking, A City of Ghosts brings to life an alternative, haunted history of Nashville.

The Wolf’s Bane

(fiction) Not many people know of the werewolf that haunts Nashville, nor of the cursed book that contains the information to fight it.

“The terrifying true story of The Thing, the Nashville apparition scarier than the Bell Witch: A Forgotten Haunting”

(nonfiction) — The Nashville Scene

“People pass Nashville’s downtown Masonic Lodge every day without knowing the surprises inside: Swords, Statues and Séances”

(nonfiction) — The Nashville Scene

“Considering one of history’s mysteries: whether a Cherokee operative betrayed his people at the Battle of Buchanan’s Station — and saved Nashville: The Station Agent”

(nonfiction) — The Nashville Scene

Reconsidering the ‘Ghost’ of Ed Johnson

(nonfiction) — Nooga

A homicidal maniac president and his accidental bigamist wife: A Nashville love story

(nonfiction) — The Nashville Scene

Remembering the ‘slaves of the Corporation’ — the people the city of Nashville bought and owned

(nonfiction) — The Nashville Scene

Fascinating figures and forgotten stories from African-American history in Nashville

(nonfiction) — The Nashville Scene

The Forgotten Supervillain of Antebellum Tennessee

(nonfiction) — Narratively

In the Name of the Father: William Napier made a huge investment — his sons — in an integrated Nashville he would not live to see

(nonfiction) — The Nashville Scene

Tiny Cat Pants